Purim fun, or not?

Purim fun, or not?. I can’t tell if this story of the relationship between Rabbi Scheff or Rabbi Drill is at least partially true. It is funny nonetheless. Kudos to both of you!


To Search for or to Experience G-d’s Essence

God's Awesome Nature-001

I often hear from many people that they are searching for G-d. They tend to think in terms of the Holy One being in a limited space and time. Or restricted to the sacred books such as the Bible or writings from sages. Is He/She near or far from us? So one may ask: does the search become a source for anxiety and/or disappointment?

My lifelong learning have taught me that G-d is everywhere, ┬áboth within ourselves and all over the Cosmos. Then how do each of us understand the Divine Presence? First of all, we already have learned from many different texts. The next step is to utilize prayers and meditation. Many of the techniques are preset in a certain order. Is that enough? Perhaps yes or maybe no depending upon your expectations. For me, it is a matter of putting my whole being into connection with the Divine Presence. I am one of G-d’s creation and experience all the strings with the Cosmos by being proactive in every aspect of my life. When I pray or meditate, I just don’t read or chant. I dance or move in my space where I feel connected to the Holy One who blesses us. I take my whole self into the Divine Presence and experience that joy.

Even we can create that experience by other means. For me, I utilize my artistic skills as I find that words are not enough. Creativity itself is a form of inner experience. Non-linguistic chanting also helps increase that Divine experience.

Each person may have a different approach. What is yours?